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Here's some fun facts about the platypus! (intended for middle school students)

Facts about the Platypus

  • The platypus is one of only five known mammals to lay eggs
  • Tasmania and eastern Australia are the only places in the world where the platypus can be found in the wild.
  • The plural of platypus is platypus.
  • It is generally described as having the bill of a duck, the tail of a beaver, and the body of an otter.
  • Male platypus are venomous to humans.
  • This venom is released on a spur on the platypus' ankles. Though it is deadly to small animals, the venom just causes extreme pain in humans.
  • The platypus is the best natural user of electroreception. Meaning, it can sense electric fields (even ones generated but just moving a muscle!).

Hand Feeding & Playing With A Friendly Platypus

The Natural Habitat of the Platypus

(its the little area in red)


Where You Can See a Real Live Platypus

Unfortunately for most of the world, the only place platypus can be found are in Australia (both in zoos and in the wild). Sould you ever find yourself down under, here's where you could go to see one.

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