Request from Senator Franklin

Research Log Template

To help you keep track of your research process and resources, download the Research Process Template word document. The document should be uploaded to your Google Drive Docs and shared with your teacher. As you research keep the template open in another tab and add as you find resources. Print books, magazine and newspaper articles can also be included as well as interviews in person or on video.

Process for Proposal

The central issue in Senator Franklin’s proposal is when should citizens have full rights as American citizens. Currently, various citizenship milestones are reached at different ages. In Wisconsin, we are able to drive at 16, serve in the military at 18, enter into marriage at 18, drink legally at 21. Yet those under 18 can be treated as adults by the courts. The Senator’s proposal is to create equity among all of these rights and grant them at one age. The goal of your group is to determine at what age would it be appropriate for citizens to gain these rights.  Below are the steps you will take.


  • The class will be divided into groups of 4-5 students each.
  • Students will each take on an individual role from the roles page.
  • Students will begin their individual research from the role perspective they have chosen.
  • Throughout the research process, students will need to keep a process journal of the questions they asked and pursued, research resources, resource credibility check, bibliography/citations and an individual position statement of what age they believe these rights should be granted.
  • Groups will then comeback together and through discussion and collaboration come to a group consensus about at what age should citizens be granted full citizenship rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities.
  • The group will then create an effective presentation centered on their argument supported by research and logic. The presentation may be a written letter delivered through a speech, multimedia presentation, public service announcement or video.

Slide Presentation - Building Consensus

This Google Slide Presentation will help your group to better understand the process of building consensus and coming to a decision that will serve and satisfy all parties. You do need to be logged into Google in order to view the slideshow.