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Beyond Recycling: Repurpose and Reuse: Paper and cardboard

This is a workshop designed to show students how to create usable items by recycling and reusing.

Web Sites With Ideas

Newspaper Nail Art

Here is a video showing how to do nails using bits of newspaper to add some excitement.

Cardboard Boat Race

These students used cardboard to make the boats for this race!

How to Make a Cardboard Deer Headmount

Here's a neat video showing how to make your own deer head mount for way less money than a real one!

Books to Check Out

Easy Origami

by John Montroll

ISBN: 978-0-486-27298-6

Cardboard Creatures

by Claude Jeantet

ISBN: 978-1-446-30450-1


Cool Crafts with Newspapers, Magazines, and Junk Mail

By Jen Jones

ISBN:  978-1-429-6476-9