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Beyond Recycling: Repurpose and Reuse: Bottles, cans and glass

This is a workshop designed to show students how to create usable items by recycling and reusing.

Ideas for Plastic

Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.  Here are a few web sites with ideas for things we can make to help keep some of them out of our landfills.

15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles for Crafts

Turning Bottles Into Art

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Here is a video showing how to make flowers out of the tops of plastic water bottles.

Tin and Aluminum Cans

Americans throw away 1,500 aluminum cans in the trash every second.  Finding some uses for tin and aluminum cans helps to keep them out of our landfills.

Ideas for Tin and Aluminum Cans

Here are some links to websites that have some neat ideas of things to do with used cans.

10 Ways to Use Tin Cans

Aluminum Can Crafts

Can Crafts for Kids

Glass, Glass and More Glass

Each year, the typical American family throws away 480 pounds of glass.  Here are some websites with things to make out of glass.

13 Rad Recycled Bottle Crafts

Recycled Glass Art Show

Below is a video from an art show for works made from recycled glass.