History of cheese making in Wisconsin

TIMELINE of cheesemaking in Wisconsin

Photo courtesy of Wisconsn Milk Marketing Board

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Cheese Factories in Wisconsin

Map courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

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What is your favorite cheese?

Cheddar: 11 votes (4.51%)
Mozzarella: 5 votes (2.05%)
Swiss: 215 votes (88.11%)
Colby: 6 votes (2.46%)
Gouda: 2 votes (0.82%)
Provolone: 1 votes (0.41%)
Other: 4 votes (1.64%)
Total Votes: 244

How we make cheese!

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Did you know?

* Using milk from neighbors' cows, Anne Pickett created Wisconsin's first cottage industry cheese factory in 1841 in Lake Mills.

* Colby cheese was invented in Colby, Wisconsin.

* Wisconsin is the only state that produces Limburger cheese.

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