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Online and print resources available for students to use in their Lord of the Flies article analysis assignment.


This guide shares resources, both print and online, that are available for use in the Lord of the Flies critical analysis article assignment.  In addition, instruction in the guide will aid in the successful completion of all tasks included in the assignment.

Key Tasks Include:

  1. Locate three articles that offer analysis of the novel.
  2. Print a copy of each article.
  3. Choose 2 articles to annotate. (Highlight important items and include written notes explaining the text or sharing reactions to info presented.)
  4. Create a works consulted page. (Properly cite your articles in MLA format using easybib, noodlet tools, etc...)
  5. Type a written summary of the main message for each of the 2 articles that is at least one paragraph.
  6. Include your opinion of the analysis of the article.  Did you agree or disagree?  Why?

Lord of the Flies-Online Activity


Critical Analysis Article Assignment

Assignment instructions are available by selecting the link below.

William Golding-Nobel Prize Winner

William Golding delivering his speech at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony.