Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Some Background to Get You Started

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Personal Account Example

Personal Accounts

One Family Fund - Overcoming Terror Together (Victims of Palestinian terrorism)


Nakba (Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Project of 1947-1948) Palestinian Survivor videos:


The Electronic Intifada (Palestinian Point of View)


Or try to find your own at:


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  • "Israel-Palestine terrorism personal account"
  • or "Isreal-Palestine terrorism survivor account"

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Podcast Example from NPR

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Sample Israeli-Palestinian Blogs to Watch


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Make the world a better place: essays on politics, culture, and ideas of Israeli-Arab peace and world music


Occupied Palestine:  Blogging 4 Human Rights & Liberation of Palestine

Lots of interesting videos here

Anthony Lowenstein's Blog: Israeli Point of View

To search for other blogs on this topic, visit:

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Primary Source Documents

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Isratine Twitter Feed - promotes "one state" solution (Palestinian slant)

Isreael Defense Forces - Official Isreali terrorism news


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