Violence in World History: Home

This website details the requirements of the Violence Project in World History class and provides resources to use for research.

Central Question

What are some of the lasting effects of armed conflicts?

Central Question

How have (or can) armed conflicts be resolved?

Your Task

Choose from any of the five central questions on this page to guide your research and presentation.

Next, open the attached document to look at the project requirements.

While viewing, listening to or reading sources, please keep the framework for media literacy (Thoman & Jolls, 2005) in mind before you assume all information you encounter is "the truth."

  • Who created the message?
  • What creative techniques are used to attract my attention?
  • How may different people understand this message differently than me?
  • What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in - or left out of - this message?
  • Why is this message being sent?

Central Question

What causes armed conflicts around the world?

Subject Guide

Central Question

Why do groups use violence to accomplish their goals?

Central Question

How does violence in one part of the world affect other parts of the world?