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The Black Death - Then and Now: Welcome

Lessons and extension activities for an interdisciplinary approach to the Black Death and epidemic disease

Europe 1347 ...

You are about to enter into a time that is filled with fear, death and the unknown.

This world is bound by tradition and superstition.

The strong are made weak for death knows not wealth, status, or power.

Here is your time to explore one of the greatest calamities to ever strike the human race.

Explore, learn and maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to survive...


Beginning Your Exploration

  • The Black Death that struck Europe in the mid-1300s is one event in our world's history with disease. There are numerous topics that an individual can explore. This website's intent is for you to find your interests, discover information and to create ways for you to share your new found knowledge with others.

  • The first step for you to take in this exploration of the plague is to check out the many different information resources available in this guide.  Skim, scan, and browse the pages to find a topic that suits your skills and interests.  Once a topic or resources grabs your attention, examine it more closely using the guiding questions or problems to begin the activity. 
  • As you go, keep track of new questions or different perspectives from which to examine the plague.Add these ideas for more in depth exploration on the Student Questions and Exploration Ideas Page.  
  • The Explorations & Products Page is where students can display the results of their follow up activities and exploration.  This is where students will be able to embed or link to the products they created.