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Movie Workshop for Elementary Students: Getting Started

If you are interested in film making, you came to the right place! Our LibGuide provides resources and information to help you participate in the movie making process. Learn about screen plays, make-up, props, set design, production, and more!



Welcome to our Movie-Making LibGuide!  Please explore the pages, and join your peers to make a movie using the resources we have provided here!  

Movie Careers

What You Will Need

To make a movie, you will need several things:

  • An original script
  • A video camera
  • A storyboard based on your script
  • Actors to play your characters
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Sets
  • Video editing software (Movie Maker or iMovie)

Movie Magic Video

The short film embedded here would be on display as part of a "Movie Magic" exhibit in the elementary Library Media Center. Students would be able to view this video, examine various cameras used in film, take a look at a screenplay, storyboard, books on costumes and set design, and books on video editing. They would then be directed to the Movie Magic libguide to complete the initial activities listed below. This would help the LMS group and plan roles for students throughout the course of their film making process.

Initial Activities

Prior to starting your film making adventure, take some time to complete the following two activities. First, on the Wallwisher board, add your ideas about what it takes to make a movie. Then, complete the Movie Magic film careers survey to share what type of film career you would like to try.

Library Media Center Display

Here is a picture that shows an example of what the Library Media Center display might look like. The television would be looping the embedded video above to draw in student interest in the workshop. The display in this photo was set up for demonstration purposes in the Cadott Jr/Sr High School Library.

Subject Guide

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