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Cyberbullying and Internet Safety


What is Digital Citizenship?

"Simply put, digital citizenship means using technology appropriately and responsibly."

-Mike Ribble, Raising a Digital Child: A Digital Citizenship Handbook for Parents

Ribble's 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Mike Ribble, the author of Raising a Digital Child: A Digital Citizenship Handbook for Parents talks about 9 points of what he considers the elements of digital citizenship.

Click here to see a summary of The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship.


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iMovie Introduction

Libguide Information

This LibGuide is for students currently involved in a Computer Literacy class. This guide specificly pertains to Digital Citizenship and is intended for middle school students.


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Internet Etiquette

Just like having good etiquette or manners at the dinner table (or anywhere else for that matter!) there are a set of rules when working online that one needs to adhere to. Internet etiquette or "netiquette" as it can be called is a set of rules for behaving appropriately online.

The Internet really is a great place to get information, communicate with others, and create great things, but you must be careful and follow the rules of netiquette.

Go to the Cyberbullying and Internet Safety tabs to learn more about the rules of Netiquette concerning those topics.

To read even more about online etiquette, visit Ms. Parry’s guide to correct online etiquette (Netiquette).


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