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Earthquakes in Literature

"At half-past two o’clock of a moonlit morning in March, I was awakened by a tremendous earthquake, and though I had never before enjoyed a storm of this sort, the strange, thrilling motion could not be mistaken . . . Both glad and frightened, [I shouted]: “A noble earthquake! A noble earthquake!” feeling sure that I was going to learn something."

 John Muir, 1872


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Recent Earthquakes

Below you will find a list of all recent earthquakes magnitude 2.5 or higher in the United States and 4.5 or higher throughout the world.

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Earthquake Defined


"An earthquake is a natural phenomenon like rain. Earthquakes have occurred for billions of years. Descriptions as old as recorded history show the significant effects they have had on people’s lives. Long before there were scientific theories for the cause of earthquakes, people around the world created folklore to explain them. In simple terms, earthquakes are caused by the constant motion of Earth’s surface. This motion creates buildup and releases energy stored in rocks at and near the Earth’s surface. Earthquakes are the sudden, rapid shaking of the Earth as this energy is released."


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