Historical Fiction


The Historical Fiction Genre are fictional stories that takes place in a particular time period in the past. Often the setting is real but the characters are made up from the author’s imagination.

By reading historical fiction, children experience life in the past vicariously, gain opportunities for critical thinking, make judgments about the past with insights from a historical perspective, see the interdependence of humankind, and develop a feeling for the continuity of life. The writing style of historical fiction is of two types. Some fictional stories are based on actual people and recorded events of history. Other stories are based on social history with no reference given to actual people or recorded events. The former style is based on reconstruction of the past through research; the latter is based on recreation of the past through memory. Both forms are fully acceptable, but the stories based on real people and events must adhere to greater standards of accuracy. Some works of fantasy include travel to historical times and events.
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