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Are you feeling a little buried with book choices?  Let this libguide assist you in narrowing down the vast array of choices. 

* Each genre is tabbed.  Just click on the appropriate tab to investigate further within that genre.

* The reading levels are split by grades.  Books appropriate for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 are clustered together on each page.

* Titles with asterisks are those recently read by the editor of this guide

* Additional website specific to the genre tab that you're exploring will be listed and summarized below the book synopsises. 

* Each genre will have a book trailer (similar to a movie trailer) to explore a book of that genre in yet another way.

* Additional weblinks and ideas can be located on the Resources at Your Fingertips Page. 

* E-mail me with any questions!  I'd love to help!




We would like to extend a warm welcome to you, one and all,

 grateful that we are able to come together,

 and privileged to be sharing  this wonderful experience.


It is an honor to be surrounded by so many special people ...

and to be blessed in the fellowship of this gracious occasion.

May the magical moments be many and memorable.

Cuz This Book's Gonna Be a Good Book!

Picque Your Interest!

Allow this Battle of the Books video whet your whistle!

Yeah, It's a Party in the Librare'

Are YOU taking yourself too seriously?  I was. Let's lighten up a bit.  Check out this off-tuned (but charming!) student's rendition of Party in the USA!

Have you ever been in a spot where the next due date was constantly staring at you...eye-to-eye?  Projects.  Deadlines.  Running...running..running.  Well, we've all been there, and I think we need to remember that kids have some of that in their lives, too.  So make some time to laugh in their day.  And...every once in a while, find it in your heart to let them read without some project looming over their heads.  Just read.

Subject Guide

So Long Late Fees!

Whether you're a voracious reader or just boarding the reading bandwagon...e-books may be the format you prefer.  Interested in learning how to check out books electronically?  Here's a link that may shed light on your options in the digital era!