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Encyclopedia Britannica Online

To view Britannica Online articles,

  • Open Destiny
  • Open catalog tab.
  • Click Visual search tab.   
  • Open Badgerlink.
  • Open Encyclopedia Britannica Online.
  • Click the link to the article.



Pictures to see how different Latino cultures celebrate Carnaval.

Carnaval Parade

Women participating in a parade celebrating Carnaval.

Your Special Google Search

You can search the information on the pages in this guide here. Use some of the search strategies next to this box.


Carnaval or Carnival - same thing, different spellings

Carnaval Zacatelco, Tlaxcala, Mexico

This is how one city in Mexico celebrates Carnaval.

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  If you want to listen to it, you will need to have headphones.

Carnaval de la Costa parade, Puerto Escondido,Oaxaca, Mexico

Here is another city in Mexico and how the people celebrate this festival.

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Look for other books. You might find in your searching that a specific country celebrates your festival and you want more information on it. Pictures can be scanned for your project.

Citing Sources

When to Cite Sources

Remember that citing your sources gives credit to the ideas of others and adds veracity (truth) to your research and readings.

When to cite

  • If you quote an author, even if you are only borrowing a single key word, you need to tell your reader the origin of the quotation
  • You also need to cite a source:
    • if you restate an idea, thesis, or opinion stated by an author
    • if you restate an expert's theory or opinion
    • if you use facts that are not common knowledge
    • if you need to provide an informational or explanatory note

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Search Terms

If you feel there is missing or additional information you need, I have provided a Google search window and a link to Carrot2. Here are some suggestions for searching.

And some more search terms you can try.



(Carnaval or carnival) and "South America"

(Carnaval or carnival) and Mexico

Mexico and (festivals or celebration)

"South America"and (festivals or celebration)


There is a lot of information and pictures in these books. Look for the call number to find them on the shelves in our library.

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When you are finished with your research, create a Wordle word picture.

  • Click on the Wordle link.
  • Type in new words and/or phrases from the festival you studied.
  • To keep words together in a phrase, you must place a symbol like this  ~ between your words.

Example: Beaver~Dam

Jigsaw Puzzle

Something fun when you are done with your project.



Carrot search engine.

This search engine will break your results into topics. Click the link.


Search the internet.

Google Web Search