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Resources for 6th graders gathering information for a unit and presentation on the planets.

How to use this guide?

     This guide was created to help you explore the solar system.  The guide serves as an introduction to each planet in our system.  You  should explore by clicking the tabs across the top of this page.  Each tab represents a planet.  Once you are in the tab, play the videos, write apoem, use the interactive sites.  This libguide is a wonderful place for you to start your project.

     This guide has links to both the Reedsburg Public Library and Webb Middle School library.  Both of these resources are wonderful and you should take full advantage of them. 

     The google custom search will search only this guide and the google search box will go out into the internet to find sources.

     Please use this guide to help you explore your solar system.  When creating this guide the information was gathered from many sources.  These sources are cited in the bibliography tab.  Please note that all sources are also cited in each of the libguide boxes. 

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This guide has been prepared for 6th grade students who are researching the solar system. 


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