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Monarch MigrationTeacher's Guide to the NOVA production:  The Incredible Journey of Butterflies.  The on-line video provides close-up video of the monarch's metamorphosis and migration to the mountains in Mexico.  The video itself is directly embedded in the "Audio Visual for Students" tab.

Virtual Tour

Kissing Butterflies

Callaway Gardens VHS

15-minute VHS published by Callaway Gardens.

Butterfly Anatomy

Butterfly AnatomyHover on the links to reveal descriptions and explanations.

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podcast iconThe following Pod Casts can be downloaded for free.  Some are appropriate for use with students, but they have been posted here due to the need to access via an iTunes account.

Monarchs Choose Their Medicine

Scientists have discovered that Monarch butterflies choose to feed on milkweed plants that have a specific chemical that makes the butterflies more toxic to its predators.  Listen to a professional biologist explain the behaviors of Monarchs as related to their choice of medicinal plants.

Butterfly Music