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Enchanted Learning

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In this website, you will find information regarding the definition of a butterfly, the differences between butterflies and moths, their senses & defense mechanisms, sizes, classifications, and butterfly gardens.

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Painted Lady

painted lady

Since the Einstein Kits include live Painted Lady eggs, it is hoped that the following resources will well serve the Green Bay School District's second grade teachers--and any other teachers interested in the Painted Lady Butterfly.




Free Painted Lady eggs.  Pay shipping.  Shady Oak Butterfly Farm provides free eggs in order to help people learn about butterflies and to establish butterfly habitats.  Website provides information on necessary host plants, caring for the eggs, and how to recognize when hatching is about to occur. 

The Painted Lady from "Enchanted Learning":  Provides general information about each stage in the Painted Lady's metamorphosis.  A blackline anatomical diagram is included.  Children can color the chart according to the specified colors provided on the diagram.

A Painted Lady life cycle printout is available from "Enchanted Learning".

From the Butterfly Pavilion comes a PDF presenting information about the Painted Lady butterfly, its life cycle, raising them, and where to order kits. 

Spectacular photography of Painted Lady butterflies and caterpillars are supported with easy-to-read factual information.  It's suggested this site is projected on a large screen for whole-class viewing, as some of the information and links included will be far beyond the reading level and comprehension of second grade children.  They will be awestruck by the photography, however.  The site includes a chart titled "Relationship in Nature", listing food, predators, shelter, and "other".  Video clips are included in the site, but they end before they barely begin; they're only 10 seconds or less, and it's therefore difficult to see much.

Painted Lady FAQs  This site is actually meant for children and provides answers to some very common, yet important questions.  However, I placed it on the teacher tab because the final entry in the FAQs provides instructions on how to euthanize insects.  This is important information if insects are injured.  However, I caution providing this information to everyone, for fear some children will follow the steps when unnecessary. 

Host Plants identification provides photographs of a few host plants on which the Painted Lady can feed.

Journey North's Monarch Butterfly Tracking Project

boy with magnifier on butterflyIntegrate the use of technology while helping your students learn about the migration of monarch butterflies.  Follow the link the Journey North's Monarch Butterfly Migration Tracking project, and learn how your class can participate in tracking the monarchs' migration!