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This is a selection of Children's Literature for a variety of Genres.

Importance of Genre in Literature

Importance of Genre in Literature

There are seven main types of genre in Children's Literature: Picture Books, Traditional Literature, Modern Fantasy, Poetry, Contemporary Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Biography. Each one plays a special role in teaching students about the past, present, and future.  It can teach students how to deal with problems of their own or get lost in a fantasy world.  Either way, the students are learning and reading.  Reading is the most important part to education. All the other subjects are wound around reading, even math (story problems!). 

As a second grade teacher, I have always read a variety of literature genre's in the classroom, but did not think about the overall significance of the genres.  I was hurting my students learning by not giving them a more sound set and direction in each genre. From this class, I have learned how to use the genre's to enhance my themes and units in my classroom.  

In this libguide, you will find a variety of literature for each genre that can be used in the classroom. It provides a quick synopsis and review of the book.  I have included many books for different reading levels in each genre. I hope you find this libguide useful when locating books for classroom use.

Wendy Lamoureux

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