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Why We Have Seasons

This video answers ago old questions such as why are summers hot and winters cold. It does a great job explaining why we have seasons, however some adult explanation will be needed for child understanding.

Baby Genius The Four Seasons

The Baby Genius franchise does a great job blending imagery and music to create understanding for children.  This episode teaches children about the wonders of the four seasons, and features favorite Baby Genius characters.

Signing Time! Series Two Volume 4: My Favorite Season

Rachel Coleman is a hearing impared actor with a love for both children and music.  Follow Rachel on her exciting journey through the four seasons.  Music, animations and signing make this a unique children's movie.



Originally an IMAX movie, this is a bold look at seasonal changes, set to the music of Antonio Vivaldi. William Shatner narrates this stunning piece. 

Seasons by Blexbolex

Book Trailer for one of the book selections.

Why do we have seasons?

This is a good explanation video for why the Earth experiences seasonal changes.  I would show this to my kindergarten class, but then I would read on of the book selections to guarantee understanding, as this video alone may be over the head of young learners.

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