Dinosaur Curriculum Resource Packet: Introduction

This Libguide contains a selection of materials for a Dinosaur curriculum in a second or third grade classroom. There is a collection of dinosaur books, multimedia, and internet resources.



Favorite Dinosaur

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Favorite Dinosaur
tyrranosaurex rex: 3 votes (37.5%)
stegosaurus: 2 votes (25%)
brachiosaurus: 1 votes (12.5%)
triceratops: 2 votes (25%)
iguanodon: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 8

Dinosaur Unit Introduction

Young children love dinosaurs.  Even though dinosaurs are extinct, students can learn many things about dinosaurs that help them learn more about the animals of today.  The second grade curriculum at Hayward Primary School, requires a teaching unit on Dinosaurs.  However, the materials that we have are either outdated or not at a reading level for second grade students. I have always wanted to do more with this unit, but there never seemed to be the time to do the research to enhance the curriculum.


This curriculum resource packet and libguide is based on a Dinosaur Unit.  The materials are for second or third grade students.  I do have a variety of materials that span elementary aged students so that I have materials for different learning levels. The resources that I find will help students learn general information on dinosaurs, write a report on a specific dinosaur, and complete a powerpoint on a specific dinosaur.


This libguide will be used and shared with the seven other second grade teachers at Hayward Primary.  The libguide will also be published on-line and can be used by other teachers as well.


Wendy Lamoureux