Ancient Worlds: Introduction

Resource guide for 6th grade students on Ancient Worlds as related to the Cultural Universal Wheel

Welcome Intro to Ancient Worlds

Thousands of years ago cultures were known as Ancient Worlds.  Ancient Worlds thrived and grew with towns, governments, market places, and families from the beginning of recorded human history through the Early Middle Ages. .  They endured  natural disasters,  invasions wars and disease.   Many arts, traditions, and laws we use today throughout the world have a foundation in an Ancient World.   You will be studying various Ancient Worlds throughout the school year, using the cultural universal wheel to help  you explore their culture, and compare them to each other and our world today. 


Take a trip to the Ancient World to learn more about these intriguing cultures.


Ancient World Search


Interactive Ancient World Maps

Explore the Ancient World with interactive maps.  See the Seven Hills of Rome, learn about the geography of Ancient China and Ancient Egypt, listen to Alexander describe his Greek Empire and much more.  Then use Google maps to see what these places look like today.

Google Maps

Favorite Ancient World

Which Ancient World do you find the most mysterious and interesting to study?

Favorite Ancient World
Indus: 1 votes (5%)
Greek: 8 votes (40%)
Roman: 3 votes (15%)
Egyptian: 7 votes (35%)
Chinese: 1 votes (5%)
Total Votes: 20