Research Tips

Helpful Tips for your Research Project

Search Terms

  • On each page there is a google search box with helpful search terms to use
  • On a sheet of paper create a list of words that were used in your search
  • Write down new words on the list
  • Use a thesaurus and look up synonyms for the search terms
  • Refine the question, narrow down the topic

Example of breaking down a questions a creating a search term list.

Question:  What plants are found in the south?

 Plants                              South                                               Found

Flora                                Southern United States                        grow

Flowers                            Southern Region United States               live


Native plants


 words to enter into a google search– flora grow southern United States

 Works Cited - giving credit to the people and place were the information came from

  • Keep track of the places where you get your information
  • Open a Word document to copy and paste the web address
  • Add a short description to remember what information the site had
  • For books fill in the Works Cited sheets (example found below, feel free to print)

 Other Tips

  • Trying searching in
  • Look at the tree diagram provided on carrot2 and see if there are new words to had to search term list
  • When frustrated or stuck walk away from the computer and try a book
  • Find new search terms in book
  • Go back to computer and try again
  • Take notes on what you find and where you find it
  • Ask for help 

 Take your time and read the pages for information.  The information will not jump off the page at you!

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Why Use a Database?

You will want to try searching in a database as well as on the web.  A database is a collection of information such as, full-text magazines, journals, newspapers, reference materials and other specialized information sources.   Try out the link below to Badgerlink and see how your results are different from a Google search.