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Classroom Resources

Video Options

The following links provide options to additional videos regarding the Battle of Trafalgar.  To ensure content is appropriate for your intended audience, please view each video before deciding whether or not to use it with students.

Factors Leading to the Battle  (Amazon)

Admiral Nelson  (YouTube)

Experts' Analysis  (Documentary) During a re-creation of events on the HMS Victory, experts analyze evidence to answer the question of whether an expert marksman deliberately shot Nelson. 

Resources for Futher Inquiry

The MORE System is a linking of libraries in Wisconsin. Using this service allows for users to locate information in a variety of formats, request that information from various libraries, and have that information delivered to their home library for pick-up. It's fast, convenient, and links you to a wealth of sources on Trafalgar or any topic.

Badgerlink is a host of databases in the state of Wisconsin. You can turn to this source for access to EbscoHost and other popular databases. It will allow you to locate articles from various newspapers, journals, and magazines, as well as information in specialized fields like education, medicine, and the military.

Historic Flag Sale

The Battle of Trafalgar flag that was flown from one of Nelson’s warships, the HMS Spartiate, sold for £384,000.  What is the equivalent U.S. price for which the flag was sold?  Perhaps poll the students to see if they would pay such a price for the flag.

Historic Battle of Trafalgar Flag

U.K. Telegraph Newspaper Article

Currency Converter

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Death of Lord Nelson in the Cockpit of the Ship Victory by Benjamin West

Photo Credits

Take your students on a visual journey through the battle.  This site features a collection of 35 paintings related to the Battle of Tragfalgar.

Google Books

Ah, the power of the Internet!  The link below leads you to a scanned copy of a book last known to be logged in the Harvard Library.  Published in 1884, the book, Trafalgar: A Tale, by B. Perez Galdois, is now available at your fingertips via Google Books. 

Primary & Secondary Print Resources

Take a stroll through time as you peruse the primary resources bibliography from the era of the Battle of Trafalgar .  The second document is a bibliography containing books authored by Colin White.  Colin White was the director of the Royal Naval Museum, and he earned a M.A. in war studies.  These secondary sources could be used for many applications, including an author study.  The final PDF file utilizes poetry to tell the story of the Battle of Trafalgar.