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Battle Style

Want to know more about the famous naval strategy Lord Horatio Nelson used during the Battle of Trafalgar? Wondering why over 200 years later, Nelson's victory is still celebrated and revered by people? Well, you've come to the right place!! The links below will make sure you're "in the know" when it comes to the "Nelson Touch."

One of the most interesting things about the Battle of Trafalgar was the military style and naval strategy implemented by Lord Horatio Nelson. Guardian.co.uk contains an interactive flash demonstration that illustrates highlights of the battle, as well as the war plan that Nelson implemented. You can visit the flash demonstration here: Battle of Trafalgar 200th Anniversary

The BBC also has its own rendition of the famous battle. While a bit longer, the BBC site will provide you with more detailed information that may be of interest to some users. I would recommend viewing and interacting with both!  BBC Battle of Trafalgar Reenactment

Finally, another great source from the BBC is In Detail: The Battle of Trafalgar. In this source, you will find information on the battle and why it was significant, as well as the structure of the ships used in battle. BBC's In Detail: The Battle of Trafalgar

The Victor: Lord Horatio Nelson

"First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can."--Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

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Every great leader has a story. Here you will find both primary and secondary sources focusing on Lord Horatio Nelson and his military prowess.

Do you want to learn a bit about Trafalgar from the first hand accounts of Nelson? The War Times Journal has an online archive of the letters written by Nelson in the days leading up to his victory, including the unfinished letter to his wife, Lady Hamilton.  Letters and Dispatches of Horatio Nelson

While it may be long, Google Books has Terry Coleman's title The Nelson Touch: The Life and Legend of Horatio Nelson. This book covers the life of Nelson from his youth to his rise to a great military leader.

Veoh hosts a great documentary The Great Commandars: Horatio Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar that discusses the military prowess of Lord Horatio Nelson. The video discusses Nelson's determination to defeat Napoleon and explains how and why he was able to do it. You may need to create a free account, but the video is worth it.

Nelson's Worldwide Impact

The Emperor: Napoleon Bonaparte

"A leader is a dealer in hope."--Napoleon Bonaparte

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The following article discusses the life of the French Emperor. It also addresses his participation in the French Revolution and details about his rise to leader of the French army.  "Napoleon Bonaparte" by Eric Badertscher

This short video on Napoleon Bonaparte will fill you in on many aspects of the French Emperor, including many of his famous battles. It's not ad free, but it does have some brief information to get you started.  "All You Need to Know about Napoleon Bonaparte"

Nelson's Opponent: Pierre-Charles Villeneuve

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Every great military battle has its winners and losers. Great leaders become legends, and their less famous counterparts tend to sink beneath the waves of time. That doesn't mean that we should forget about them altogether, though. Here you'll find a few sources about Nelson's opponent--French Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve.

The Napoleon Guide provides a short  Biography of Pierre-Charles Villeneuve.

The website About Nelson--Villeneuve has a more detailed biography on Villeneuve, as well as the roles that he played in battles prior to Trafalgar.