Battle of Trafalgar: Background

Welcome to the Battle of Trafalgar, one of the most renowned battles in history!

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Did You Know?

Do you know what was written in the famed British Admiral's last diary entry of his life?  Do you know how many ships were destroyed for the opposing sides, or why Britain and Napoleon's French/Spanish allies were fighting in the first place?  We invite you to challenge yourself to formulate the answers to these questions in your head.  Then, please check out this site, and check your progress!

BBC Family History Research Site

Tour the Battle of Trafalgar

Are you starting to put the pieces together?  Looking for more information on a specific ship or officer?  Well, there's plenty more information waiting for you on our additional tabs, so feel free to tour the battle via other pages and links provided.

Battle of Trafalgar: The Long and Short of It

Not a history buff?  Geography not your forte? Be consoled, friend.  Enjoy a stroll back in time as you learn about the battle.  Let this tab give you a broad overview of the pivotal battle that changed the course of the Napoleonic Wars.  

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Map - Geographic Background

HMS Victory Breaking Through the Line

Stave Off Invasion for the British

Imagine feeling the pressure of invasion to your homeland.  During the Napoleonic Wars, Britain felt just that!  On land, the French and Spanish allied forces seemed unstoppable, but on the water...the British commanded the seas!  Check out the link below for a brief account of key factors from the Battle of Trafalgar as published on the British Museum's website!

Lessons from the Battle of Trafalgar

Gain the perspective from retired Rear Admiral Joseph F. Callo, U.S. Naval Reserve , as he shares how this battle has affected military tactics.