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Designed for the 4th grade teacher and student, this LibGuide will help make the Wisconsin Social Studies unit come alive.


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This guide was designed with the fourth grader in mind.  Every fourth grader in the state of Wisconsin learns about this great state. This guide provides links and resources about the various Wisconsin units that will be discussed in class, plus a few extra fun things to know about Wisconsin and the people who live here.

Please click on the tabs across the top of this page to go the different topics.  Watch the videos, use the interactive sites, read the articles and see what books are available about Wisconsin at the Wonewoc-Center School library. 

Use the Google custom search to find subjects quickly.  It will only search the sites that are part of this guide. 

This guide was created in Internet Explorer, so while it will operate in other browsers,  it is optimized when viewed in Internet Explorer.

Have fun learning about Wisconsin!

Wisconsin: The 30th State in the Nation


Do you have a Wisconsin accent?


Welcome to the Wisconsin LibGuide


This LibGuide was constructed with the Fourth grade Wisconsin unit in mind.  It contains information about the various aspects of what makes Wisconsin the great state it is. 

Introducing Wisconsin Brochure

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Wisconsin is made up of 72 counties


To visit sites about each Wisconsin county, just click on the map.

Do you live in Wisconsin?

Do you live in Wisconsin?
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No: 9 votes (50%)
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