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Lewis and Clark

Portraits of Lewis and Clark published by Patrick Gass in 1847


This Lewis and Clark Curriculum Resource Unit is meant for use in grades 5-8 for both students and teachers.  In the Ellsworth School District, middle school students study the Lewis and Clark expedition. The Middle School uses this topic as an interdisciplinary day to incorporate a common theme throughout the school. We then save a day where students spend the day listening to guest speakers and touring our middle school where students  share the story of Lewis and Clark and the men of the Corps of Discovery through a visual display of their research and artwork.  The tour follows a timeline of the Lewis and Clark journey beginning with the vision of Thomas Jefferson. State by state, students take you up the Missouri river, over the Rocky Mountains, down the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean and back home again.

The purpose of this Lib-guide is to make additional student and teacher resources available.  Watch the YouTube video below to get an idea of who Lewis and Clark are and why they made this expedition.


YouTube-Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

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