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The  information in this Lib Guide are resources and books dealing with children's literature and the many different genres that are included. The tabs across the top focus on the genres of literature that are frequently used with children in grades Pre K through eight.

Each tab includes an introduction where you will find out what the specific genres is about and some helpful web resources about each genre.

What is Children's Literature?

An acquaintance with and an understanding of literary characters is one of the first ways a young child has of making sense of what it is to be human. We all come to know more clearly who and what we are while reaching out, imaginatively, for what we might become. As the child dwells in and wonders at the lives li ved in story, she comes to know both herself and the world and begins to see that world as something over which she, as a character in life, might exercise some control. The events of story are a means of exploration of the world, helping her to confirm, to illuminate, and to extend her own life experiences, in ways that give her power over them. Story gives public form to private meanings and thus helps those who receive its messages to reach out to other human beings in the world, knowing that they share some of the same concerns and feelings. Informational narratives are also important forms of children's literature and ways for young people to understand and appreciate their world and those who share it with them. We all need to learn about life both literally and literarily, efferently and aesthetically. .......By Kay Vandergrift

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