Outdoor Wellness Space: Home

A cross-curricular, math, language, and wellness unit focused on middle school learners.

What do I do?

  1. The superintendent has sent your group a letter.  Click on the Introduction tab to read the letter.  
  2. Determine each student's role within the group. Click on the Student Roles tab to learn about each role.
  3. Find out community wants and needs.
  4. Research options and create a concept. Click on the Resources tab for ideas.
  5. Assemble a budget. There is help under the Resources tab, and examples under Final Project.
  6. Construct your layout. There is help under the Resources tab, and examples under Final Project.
  7. Create your presentation. Click on the Final Project tab for Guidelines.
  8. Present your proposal to a school board member.
  9. Evaluate your personal and group performance. (Located under the Final Project tab)

It is up to your group to create a timeline to best complete these tasks. At the end of each week, groups will need to complete the Weekly Check In form located under the Student Roles tab.

Be Well!


The school is in need of an Outdoor Wellness Space.  The superintendent wrote a letter asking for your input.  You will work in groups to determine the best use of the outdoor space for the wellbeing of the school and community.  What you design for this project will be shown to the district and your design or a part of your design could be used in the next Outdoor Wellness Space that is built in the district!                                                                                                                                                      

Be Inspired!

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