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Links provide information for school districts, administrators, teachers, parents, and students who seek ideas to successfully transition from the middle school into the high school. Tabs categorically organize information into topics of interest.

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The college professor said,
"Such wrong in the student is a shame,
Lack of preparation in high school is to blame."

Said the high school teacher,
"Good heavens, that boy is a fool.
The fault, of course, is with the middle school."

The middle school teacher said,
"From such stupidity may I be spared,
They send him to me so unprepared."

The elementary teacher said,
"The kindergartners are block-heads all.
They call it preparation; why, it's worse than none at all."

The kindergarten teacher said,
"Such lack of training never did I see,
What kind of mother must that woman be."

The mother said,
"Poor helpless child, he's not to blame
For you see, his father's folks are all the same."

Said the father,
at the end of the line,
"I doubt the rascal's even mine!"

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To Ponder . . .

What, then, are the factors that make for a successful transition? Not surprisingly, they appear to center around the dual themes of academic emphasis and personal support and engagement.
—National Association of State Boards of Education, 2008

Transition is a process, not an event. —Dr. Jay Hertzog, Slippery Rock University


Welcome to the Middle into High School Transition LibGuide.  The purpose of this information collection is to provide user friendly information to parents, students, teachers, and community about strategies for successful progress through school, specifically, the transtion from middle into high school.  In particular, there is consideration of activities, family, and health.  Resources range from live searches, to web sites, to books, to journals, to blogs.  Click on the links and submit your own suggestions.  Feedback is welcome!


The Transition to Middle School. ERIC Digest.

ERIC Identifier: ED422119
Publication Date: 1998-06-00
Author: Schumacher, Donna
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education Champaign IL.


 Middle to High School

A focus on the transition from middle to high school is critical in preventing students at risk of dropping out of school from actually leaving school. The review of research on transition programs finds that students are less likely to drop out of high school if they participate in programs that help them transition from middle school (Mizelle, 1999). A recent study of Maryland schools revealed that many schools have instituted schools-within-schools, 9th grade academies, smaller learning communities, and other strategies aimed at improving the transition from middle to high school (Legters and Kerr, 2001).


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