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Bibliolatrist: \Bib'li*ol"a*trist\ (b[i^]b'l[i^]*[o^]l"[.a]*tr[i^]st), noun [See. {Bibliolatry}.] A worshiper of books; a believer in its verbal inspiration.

Childrens Literacy

The more children read, the better they become at reading. Through books, children can also learn about people, places and cultures from around the world. Through books children can vicariously try out new experiences and test new ideas, with no negative consequences to their everyday lives. They can meet characters who they'll connect with and enjoy returning to for comforting or excitement when they reread a favorite book or discover a sequel.


...let the journey begin!


This libguide was made for just that, to be a guide.  Hopefully this will help open your eyes to genres and books that you may not have thought of.  Take the time to look at the suggested books for each age level and also explore the other Internet resources that I have listed, they can take you to some great places!

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments or concerns.