Recyled Art Workshop: Initial Activity

Planning ideas for a library workshop focused on re-useful materials transformed into art

Earth Day


Earth Day was first celebrated over 40 years ago, in 1970, and has been a vehicle not only for educating the general public about how to recycle, reduce, and reuse, but also to encourage more people to initiate their own campaigns for change.

How often do you feel guilty for throwing away items that can't be recycled, or worse yet, could be but never make it there?  Glossy magazines, tee shirts, pop tabs, and other pieces of junk can be reused to create crafty art projects.

Make a difference and create some cool projects in the process!

You Can recycle just about everything!

The Project!

Trash isn't just for the landfills anymore! Artists and designers use items that some people would consider trash to create artwork and other products such as jewerly, purses, and even furniture. Better yet, people are willing to pay for what would have otherwise ended up in a landfill! We have established the workshop to get you involved in this new movement. Help the environment and create some cool projects at the same time.

Gather the reusable materials during Earth Week.  During the following weeks, schedule workshop meetings in order to create projects from these items.  A new project will be introduced every week, including the following projects: hula hoop rug weaving, pop tab bracelet or necklace, bottle sculptures, and magazine bowls.  We plan meeting once a week, but anyone is welcome to stop down in the library anytime to pick up more supplies and bring friends.  We may continue our weekly meetings if there is inspiration to do more.  Explore the concept of recycled art independently and bring in new ideas to try.

Continue reading to find out more information on our workshop, and feel free to browse through the student tab and more information tab to be further inspired!

Bring your friends and bring your "junk"--it's going to be a good time!

Call for JUNK!


Gather the following items:

  • pop tabs
  • magazines
  • t-shirts
  • plastic bottles

The grade with the most items collected by the end of Earth Week will recieve ice cream treats!

Subject Guide