The Middle Ages: Welcome-Resources for Users

This libguide is a resource for teachers or students studying the Middle Ages as part of a 6th grade world history class.

Narrative Overview of the Curriculum Resource Packet

This guide and curriculum resource packet is intended to assist teachers in teaching a unit on the middle ages to a history class at the middle school level. This is a curricular area that is deserving of greater focus.  Often it is overshadowed within the history class by larger more involved units on Ancient Civilizations.  This curriculum packet can provide the tools with which to breath new life into the Middle Ages Unit.  For our students at Plum City Middle School, this guide will serve as their starting point on any project-based activities, such as when they creat their personal shield/banner as a knight based on the rules and guidelines of heraldry or when they tell the story of an important person or event from the middle ages by creating their own tapestry.

The libguide is organized quite simply.  Audiovisual and web resources are divided onto different pages, one for students and one for teachers.  boxes separate those different resources within each of those pages.  The student tab/page also has boxes containing books that can serve as resources for the unit.  There are also links to library catalogs, including the MORE Online system which is the most common system used by public libraries in Western Wisconsin.  Watch the videos, use the interactive sites, read the articles and see what books are available about the Middle Ages.

Introductory Video-Attention Grabber Option #1

A brief video clip describing some basic details regarding castles that can serve as a good discussion starter concerning a iconic structure of the middle ages.

Introductory Video-Attention Grabber Option #2

Middle Ages Tech Support

A funny online video that weaves together the modern service of technical support for our computers and electronics with the medevial technological development of the book as an improvement upon the classic scroll of text.