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Steps to creating a successful wordle:

1.  Visit

2.  Choose CREATE your own.

3.  Type in the words that you feel best describe your topic.

4.  Click GO

5.  Choose RANDOMIZE to change the style and color of your wordle.

Keep in Mind:

The more times you type a word in wordle, the larger it will be.

Use ~ to connect words.  Wordle will not recognize compound words without it.


Before creating you Glogster, make sure that you have all of your research completed. 

Steps to creating a Glogster:

1.  Go to

2.  Create an account using your school email and a creative nickname.


4.  Create away.  Keep in mind the ability to link websites and embed videos.

Mrs. Costello

The Assignment

As a final project to your unit on renewable and non-renewable energy, your teacher has asked you to construct a Wordle and a Glogster to demonstrate what you have learned.  To help aid you in this assignment, you will be using this LibGuide to research the topic of your choice.  You have the following options for this project:

-Energy in Wisconsin  (What kinds of energy does Wisconsin use? What are the major energy plants in Wisconsin?  How much energy does Wisconsin use?  Is Wisconsin making its way to using renewable energy?)

-Renewable Energy  (You should be able to identify the differences between the renewable resources and explain one pro and con to renewable energy)

*Wind Energy

*Solar Energy

*Biomass Energy

*Geothermal Energy


-Non-Renewable Energy  (You should be able to identify the difference between the non-renewable resources and explain one pro and con to non-renewable energy)



*Oil and petroleum

*Natural Gas

-Energy Conservation (How can we conserve energy?  Why is this important?)

Your final project (Wordle and Glogster) will be due on Friday, January 28.


Use the seach engines below to help you find additional information (beyond this LibGuide) for your project.

Google Search

Use Google to help you search the internet for additional information.


Check out my RefWorks Bibliography!