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A blog for all those involved in or wanting to learn more about PBL. Created by the Buck Institute for Education.

Reinventing Project Based Learning

Suzie Boss, an educational journalist, and Jane Krauss, an educator, post professional development opportunites, videos, links, books, articles, nd thoughts on project based education.

Towards Project Based Learning - The Long and WInding Road

This blog is created by Armando Di-Finizio principal of the Bristol Brunel Academy in England.  He looks at the curricular, structural and social changes needed to bring education into the 21st century where PBL is at the heart of education.

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An introduction to Project Based Learning from Edutopia.

Education, it's a changin'...

Khan Academy

In addition to the wealth of resources the Kahn Academy has to offer, Sal Kahn also talks about schools allowing students to work at their own pace and teachers stepping back into more of a coaching or mentorship role.  Take a look at what they have to offer at the Kahn Academy.

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