“Fear and Suspense" Short Story Unit: Introduction

The libguide for the English 09, “Fear and Suspense" Short Story Unit, is a complete resource guide for students to access unit materials and the teacher to facilitate understanding and learning of the concepts through creative use of technology.

What Do I Do?

 Read and review all information on this page.  Be sure to take careful notes; your notes will be helpful for the final exam!  

Then proceed to the next story tab:

Mark Twain: "A Ghost Story"

Edgar Allan Poe: "Cask of Amontillado"

Stephen King: "The Reapers Image"

Shirley Jackson: "The Lottery"

Richard Connell: "The Most Dangerous Game"

Final Project

Discussion Board

Discovery of Short Stories

Click on the Elements of the Short Story worksheet above and print off.  

Use this worksheet (3 pages total) to take detailed notes as you "read and discover" the information contained in the websites listed below.

Identify Plot

Identify Plot Work Sheet

Click on the above image to view and print. Then view the Elements of Short Story PowerPoint; be sure to take good notes, as your notes will be helpful in preparing for the final exam.

Cinderella Plot Diagram

Pre-test of What Do You Know about the elements of Short Story?

Click on the image below to play a game and test what you already know about the elements of short story.



Start Here!  

Welcome to the "Fear and Suspense" Short Story Unit for English 09!  The entire unit is built around this guide; start with the activities, readings, and viewings attached to the "Home" page, doing this will help you build your background knowledge of the elements of short stories.  Take note also of the first assignment is on this page!

As you proceed and complete the activities on each page, you can continue to the next.  If you have questions as you are going through the unit, use the discussion section for each page to post questions that will benefit everyone or specific questions about the story.  At times you will also be asked to post a response to a question on the book and discuss with classmates.  Questions may also be e-mailed or discussed in class.

 The key to using the guide is to get started and view all material that is attached!  Enjoy!

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Elements of Short Stories

Use this powerpoint to review the Elements of a Short Story worksheet.

The Short Story Cinerella

to view click on the picture.

Elements of Story Interactive

Click on the image below to enter into the Elements of Story Interactive website.  Note the site was orginally designed for elementary students, however the elements of story apply to all levels and this is fun to complete as a great review!  Play away!

Subject Guide

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Teacher Subject Guide

Mrs. Woodall

English 9 Teacher


Short Story Elements?

Which one of the following terms is NOT an element of a short story?

Short Story Elements?
Setting: 0 votes (0%)
Theme: 5 votes (13.16%)
Foreshadowing: 33 votes (86.84%)
Plot: 0 votes (0%)
Character: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 38

Building Background: Five Elements of a Story

Click on the image above and print, then click on the image below to watch the video to help build your understanding of the five elements of story. Be sure to fill out the form above as you watch.  You may need to watch it a few times. 

Need help?

E-mail Mrs. Woodall or Mrs. Billing for assistance.