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Making it in the Fashion World: Home

A fashion designer research project created for Mrs. Hoppe's Fashion Design course at Platteville High School.

Project Introduction

Fashion Designers create new ideas for garments and accessories.  They try to design functional and beautiful items that will be at the leading edge of fashion when they are produced.

For this assignment, students will research one well-known fashion designer.  Using the information found, students will then prepare a written report and bibliography.

Fashion Designers at Work

Who's Your Favorite Designer?

Famous Fashion Designers

               Here is a list of well-known fashion designers to choose from.                                           Interested in researching a designer not on this list?                                                    Just see Mrs. Hoppe for approval.                                                                                                                                                                              

            Karl Lagerfeld - German                      Diane von Furstenberg - Belgium

            Pierre Balmain - French                       Norman Norell - US

            Rei Kawakubo - Japan                         Mary McFadden - US

            Ralph Lauren - US                                Gianni Versace - Italy

            Issac Mizrahi -US                                 Valentino - Italy

            Scott Crolla - British                            Giorgio Armani - Italy

            Claire McCardell - US                           Hubert de Givenchy - France

            Gucci - Italy                                          Rosita and Ottavio Missoni - Italy   

            Liz Claiborne - US                                 Claude Montana - French

            Pitoy Moreno - Philippines                  Emanuel Ungaro - French

            Hugo Boss - Spain                                Calvin Klein - US

            Yves Saint Laurent - France                Alexzander McQueen - UK

            Pierre Cardin - France                          Jimmy Choo - Malaysia

            Marc Jacobs - US                                  Carolina Herrera - Venezulela

            Wang - US                                             Karl Lagerfeld -Germany

            Donna Karan - US                                 Perry Ellis - US

            Tom Ford - US                                       Tommy Hilfiger - US

            Edith Head - US                                    Oscar de la Renta - Dominican Republic