​Gain a new perspective with Turtle Crossing​, by Rick Chrustowski.


Five years after a female painted turtle hatches from her shell, she is ready to lay eggs of her own. This is a dangerous task because there is a road between her and the perfect nesting site. She starts to cross, but a huge car is hurtling her way. It stops just in time, and the kind people help her to safety.

So the next time you see a Turtle Crossing sign, keep your eyes open—if you’re lucky you just might see a painted turtle on her way to make a nest.

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

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It's not as simple as you might think! Turtles cross the road for many reasons, putting their very lives in danger. Here are some ways you can help them get across safely.

Show What You Know!

After reading and learning all about turtles, head over to the activity table to make your own turtle habitat. 

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​What does it mean "to come out of your shell"? Can you think of a time when this happened to you? Write a real or made-up story about a time when you've come out of your shell. Publish your story in a clever way.

Learn to See Underwater!

​When Rick Chrustowski is creating the illustrations for his books, he likes to try and experience life from the animal's perspective. Make your own underwater scope so that you can see from a turtle's point of view!

What's a Dichotomous Key?

A dichotomous key is one way to identify and classify living things. Read through this information about dichotomous keys, and practice creating one of your own.

Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle

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Aren't We Beautiful?!

Total internal reflection of Chelonia mydas.jpg​​      Green Sea Turtle

   ​  Diamondback Terrapin

               ​Basking Turtle

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