Learn to fly with Big Brown Bat​​, by Rick Chrustowski.


Whoosh! Big brown bats rush off on their nightly hunt, but one stays behind to have a baby. As summer turns to fall, the baby bat grows bigger. He learns to fly, then to hunt. Soon he has fattened himself up for the long winter ahead, when he’ll hibernate until the spring sun returns once more.

Listen Up!

​See and hear real live bats with David Attenborough and the Smithsonian Channel.

Building a Bat House

Get involved with bat conservation by building a bat house! Here are some instructions for you and a grown-up to follow.

Soar With Bats

​Try out some of these awesome science explorations, brought to you by your friends at Scholastic and the American Museum of Natural History!

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Help Wanted!

The Wisconsin Bat Program will train volunteers on how to use a bat detector. Findings are then entered into a shared database which is used to record the species and numbers of bats in an area. 

Bats: Naughty or Nice?

Do you think bats are the stuff of nightmares? Creepy inhabitants of caves and haunted houses? Or are they furry flying mammals that actually help humans thrive?  

​Visit the Organization for Bat Conservation to learn more about these misunderstood creatures. 

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Aren't We Cute?!

Short-Nosed Fruit Bat

​Vampire Bat

Flying Fox

What Do You Know?

Check it Out!

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