Where to Start?

Be inspired by Blue Sky Bluebird, by Rick Chrustowski.


In a cozy nest of grass a female bluebird lays her eggs, blue as the summer sky. When they hatch, there are four tiny chicks to feed. The parent birds hunt all day for tasty insects to give their hungry brood. The chicks grow quickly, and within a few weeks they have enough feathers to learn to fly. At first their wings are shaky and unsure, but soon the fledglings are fast enough to catch their own meals. The nearly grown chicks help their parents raise a new brood of hungry babies—before the cold winter drives the family south.


Explore these items at the discovery table:

Live Feeder Cam


Bluebird Homes

Bluebird nest with eggs

Bluebird nest with chicks

Can you make a nest?

With a friend, discuss what kinds of things go into making a bird's nest. Take a walk outside and collect the items you mentioned. Think especially about those things that a bird would have access to in the wild.     

Come back inside and use your scavenged items to form a nest shape. You may weave or bend your materials, but you may not use glue or other adhesives.  


How do birds get their nests to stay together?

Why do some birds build their nests up high?

Do birds ever use manmade materials when building their nests?


Hmmm...lots to think about! 

Project Feederwatch

Feeder Watching - What is it and why do we do it?


Feeder watching can be done by ANYONE...even you! It is the process of counting the number of birds at a feeder at any given time. The data is tracked and recorded on a site like Scientists use this information to track movements of birds and to understand their distribution and abundance.

Create a Feeder

Find all the materials you need at the craft table to create your own bird feeder!

Life as a Bluebird

What would it be like if you were a bluebird? Draw a picture, write a story, create a short video, or just tell a friend. What are some things you might experience as a bluebird? 

Different Types of Bluebirds

    Female Eastern Bluebird                                             

    Male Eastern Bluebird

       Male Western Bluebird            

      Female Western Bluebird

   Mountain Bluebirds (Left: Male, Right: Female)

More Information

Hear a Bluebird's Song

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