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This workshop takes an in-depth look at the inspiration behind Rick Chrustowski's work.

Initial Activities

​We celebrated Literacy Week with a highly-anticipated visit by Midwestern author/illustrator, Rick Chrustowski.  Rick is known for his vividly colorful picture books, all of which center around the study of animals and their habitats.  Rick is an engaging, energetic speaker, and he weaves true tales of his own life in with the stories that he reads aloud.  As a special treat, his presentations include photos of the book-making process as well as his methods of writing and research.  The kids love the photos of Rick splashing around in his backyard frog pond!  At the end of each assembly, Rick demonstrates his speed-drawing technique, and he donates the drawings to the school.  We now have a small collection of Rick Chrustowski's original artwork hanging throughout our hallways! 

​In preparation for the author's visit, our PTO organized a book sale.  Students could purchase a book by Rick Chrustowski at a discount a few weeks before the assembly, and Rick would personalize each with a little inscription, his signature, and a simple line drawing.  For the kids, this was HUGE!  Classroom teachers and the school librarian also helped generate excitement by reading and discussing Rick's books before the visit. 


This LibGuide and all of its related activities were designed as a follow-up to an author visit by Rick Chrustowski.  Alternately, the activities could be used in tandem with a literature study or any unit concerning animals and their habitats.   

Have fun!

Amanda LaLuzerne and Jennie Zuk

Picture Books by Rick Chrustowski




Rick Talks About His Books

​Listen in as author/illustrator Rick Chrustowski discusses his life and work with Gianna from BookHounds.

Watch Rick Speed Draw!

Click here to see how Rick demonstrates speed drawing.

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An Autograph From Rick!

Picture Books by Rick Chrustowski