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A guide on what stress is and different ways of learning to manage stress you may have in your life.

Stress And Stress Management

Stress is defined as "a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.; something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety"

Two main kinds of stress are physical and mental stress. 


A stressor is anything that causes the release of stress hormones. There are two broad categories of stressors: Physiological (or physical) stressors and Psychological Stressors.

Physiological (or physical) stressors: These are stressors that put strain on our body (i.e.: very cold/hot temperatures, injury, chronic illness, or pain).

Psychological Stressors: These are events, situations, individuals, comments, or anything we interpret as negative or threatening (i.e.: not being able to find a babysitter for your sick child when you cannot take time off work).


A stress reliever can be anything a person finds to be relaxing to them. Reading, journaling, yoga, aromatherapy, and exercise are all examples of things that can be stress relievers. 

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