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3rd Grade Planets

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This LibGuide is here to help YOU.  Through the various tabs at the top students can explore the solar system through pictures or educational videos.  There will be books that can be referenced and websites with cool activities and even cooler information within the Space Symbaloo.  Please leave feedback under the Feedback tab.  The bibliography tab will house the websites where the information on the planets were found and could be a helpful tool for students who would like to use the same images and videos.  Please enjoy this Guide and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My E-mail is available on the home page under the E-MAIL ME blue button. 

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3....2...1... Let's blast off into space and learn about the planets!

Orbit Animation

This animation is bit more advanced but it shows how the planets orbit around the sun.  It shows how fast they go in relation to one another, their moons orbiting around them, and it even shows the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  This is a great way to see just how fast some planets orbit the earth compared to others. 

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