World War Two: The War on the American Homefront: Overview and Introduction

This is a guide to help gain a better understanding of the war that was waged on the American Homefront during WW11 for Grades 9 & 10

The United States Enters The War

Pearl Harbor

Private Snafu cartoon

Documentaries and films

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The influence of Radio

Museum Sites

A note on how to use this guide

This guide is to be used to further knowledge of World War Two with a focus on the home front. Use the tabs at the top of each page to flow from topic to topic. Please note that one page might have multiple sub tabs as well as the tab itself. Please follow links to several articles I've included throughout this lib guide as well as enjoy the videos embedded. I have also supplied this guide with several activities to help the user understand life on the home front during World War Two. These activities are meant to generate insights into the connections between World War Two and today. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your librarian.