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Welcome parents, coaches and players!

Welcome! The 2015 Spring season is about to kick off! Our team name is THE GNOMES

We will have one 45 minute practice each week on Fridays at 5:00 pm at Wingra Park, Games will be onSaturday mornings. Each player will gets lots of time to play.  We will have two games of 3 vs 3 running simultaneously. The fields are approximately 20 yards x 30 yards with 4 foot wide goals. There are no goalies and coaches act as the referees.


The ultimate goal this season is for the kids to have fun and enjoy playing the game of soccer!

Coach Lisa

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Lisa Hempstead
Thoreau Elementary,
Madison Metropolitan School District

Philosophy & Goals

No Lines!

No Lectures!

No Laps!

Five and six year olds want to play and have fun. Practices will be planned based on these principles. Activities will be developmentally appropriate. You won't see us teaching strategies or positioning or doing drills. You will see each kid with a ball most of the time, you will see lots of movement and playing small area games such as tag, sharks and minnows and  1 vs 1. We want the kids to get as many "touches" as possible, feel safe and grow. Most importantly, we want them to love playing soccer!

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