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Junior High World History - The Renaissance: Bibliography

Coming out of the Dark Ages? Then the Renaissance is just what you are looking for! Investigate the location, artists, inventions, ideas and more that marked a major shift in World History.

Home Page

Introductory Video

Renaissance Introduction Website

Renaissance Weebly



The Medici Page

Medici Empire

Medici Family Timeline


Quick Peek at the Medici Family


Changes Moving the Renaissance Page

Brief Introduction Website

Feudalism Falls Video

Humanism Triggers the Renaissance Link

Metropolitan Museum of Art Website (excerpted)

Secularism Definition Video

Individualism Definition Video

How the Printing Press Played a Role

Science and Inventions Page

Renaissance Connection Inventions

Top 3 Inventions of Renaissance

Inventor Flashcards

Inventor Flashcard Image

Sir Francis Bacon Biography Video

Tycho Brahe Biography Video

Nicholas Copernicus Biograpy Video

Rene Descartes Biography Video

Albrecht Durer Biography Website

Jan Van Eyck Biography Website

Galileo Galilei Biography Video

Johannes Gutenburg Biography Video

Johannes Kepler Biography Video

Issac Newton Biography Video


Museum of Science Image

Museum of Science Link

The Arts Page

Michelagelo Images

Michelangelo Biography



Leonardo DaVinci Images

Leonardo DaVinci Biography



Raffaello Sanzio Images,_Raffaello_-_Putti_(Madonna_Sistina)_-_1512-1513.jpg/640px-Sanzio,_Raffaello_-_Putti_(Madonna_Sistina)_-_1512-1513.jpg

Raffaello Sanzio Biography


Sandro Botticelli Images,_annunciazione_di_cestello_02.jpg/815px-Botticelli,_annunciazione_di_cestello_02.jpg'_Medici_(Gem%C3%A4ldegalerie_Berlin).jpg/675px-Sandro_Botticelli_-_Giuliano_de'_Medici_(Gem%C3%A4ldegalerie_Berlin).jpg

Sandro Botticelli Biography


Donatello Images,_simbolo_dell'evangelista_giovanni.jpg/767px-Donatello,_simbolo_dell'evangelista_giovanni.jpg,_tondo_di_san_matteo,_1434-43.jpg/775px-Donatello,_tondo_di_san_matteo,_1434-43.jpg,_madonna_delle_nuvole,_boston.jpg/730px-Donatello,_madonna_delle_nuvole,_boston.jpg

Donatello Biography


Caravaggio Images,_The_Lute_Player_The_Hermitage,_St._Petersburg.jpg

Caravaggio Biography


Giotto di Bondone Images

Giotto di Bondone Biography


Albrecht Durer Images,_in_Idealistic_Clothing,_Playing_a_Lute_-_WGA07044.jpg

Albrecht Durer Biography


Jan Van Eyck Images

Jan Van Eyck Biography


Museum Images,_Florence.jpg

Museum Links'-predis.html&sa=U&ei=Qp9OU4PYL8ShyAS44IHQBw&ved=0CE0QFjAI&usg=AFQjCNHxoVSHpq1K7Ip3uCaOqawMMdWteg/map-%26-virtual-tour.html


Patron of the Arts Link and Image


Moving North Page

Brief Overview Website

Thomas More Image,_by_Hans_Holbein_the_Younger.jpg

Thomas More Biography

Desiderius Erasmus Image

Desiderius Erasmus Biography

François Rabelais Image

François Rabelais Biography


The Big Picture Page

Mind Map created using Webspiration Classroom

Kids Discover Logo Image

Kids Discover Renaissance Website

Quizlet Flash Card Review

Quizlet Flashcard Review Image