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Junior High World History - The Renaissance: The Arts

Coming out of the Dark Ages? Then the Renaissance is just what you are looking for! Investigate the location, artists, inventions, ideas and more that marked a major shift in World History.

A Few of the Greats!

The Renaissance lasted hundreds of years and saw many artists and inventors add their works to the collection of the ages. We are going to examine only 9 of them to get an idea of what was happening during this time. We will be breaking down into three groups. Each group will receive one row of artists. Your mission: review their works of art, read their short biographies, and then report back to the class about their important information. (Examples: birth and death dates, where they worked, names of their famous works of art, other important things they did)

DaVinci - Important Information


Leonardo DaVinci was known for his scientific work, paintings, drawings, and inventions. As you may know, he also wrote from right to left in a mirror fashion to protect his work from others. Visit this biographical blog for more information!

Caravaggio - Important Information


Caravaggio used a unique mix of darkness and lightness in his paintings. They feel almost alive and three dimensional, especially without cameras, photoshop, or any modern technology beyond what he could create with paint. He was also a very dramatic man during his short life. Read more about his amazing work and life using this biography.

Albrecht Durer - Important Information


Albrecht Durer was best known for his woodcuts (imagine a woodblock where you cut shapes in or out, then use ink to print the image) but he also painted many portraits and made other important contributions to the European Renaissance. Read this short biography  for more information.

Donatello - Important Information


Donatello was a fantastic sculptor before Michelangelo came to the scene. Read more about him here!

Raffaelo - Important Information


Raffaelo Sanzio was better known by his first name only. He worked as an architect and painter. Read his biography online here!

Jan Van Eyck - Important Information


Jan Van Eyk was another early Renaissance artist. He made many famous pieces and was well known and praised for his skill with oil paints. He also came from an artistic family; his brother painted too. Jan learned from his brother, and may have worked with him as well on some of his pieces. Check out this blogspot for more information on his life!

Michelangelo - Important Information


Michelangelo was similar to Leonardo DaVinci in the fact that he did more than art. Visit this BBC website for more information!

Botticelli - Important Information


Sandro Botticelli was an avid artist who rose to fame through his talent and connection to the Medici family. He even painted Giuliano de' Medici as you can see above! In fact, the Medici family are responsible for many works of culture created during the Renaissance. Read more about Sandro Botticelli and his art in this biography.

Giotto di Bondone - Important Information


Giotto di Bondone was one of the earliest Renaissance painters. His work inspired many others who came after him, and as you may notice from many of the paintings - his work was primarily religious in nature. Read more about how he enjoyed practical jokes and how he was able to travel to Florence, Italy by reading this.

Become a Patron of the Arts - Interactive

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