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Junior High World History - The Renaissance: Science and Inventions

Coming out of the Dark Ages? Then the Renaissance is just what you are looking for! Investigate the location, artists, inventions, ideas and more that marked a major shift in World History.

Inventions of the Renaissance

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Test your knowledge here! Can you match the inventors and thinkers with their products and theories?

3 Big Inventions

What do you think?

The biggest invention of the Renaissance?
Printing Press: 130 votes (73.03%)
Lenses and Telescopes: 19 votes (10.67%)
Gunpowder and Weapons: 26 votes (14.61%)
Centralized Banking: 1 votes (0.56%)
Oil Painting: 1 votes (0.56%)
Farmer's Markets: 1 votes (0.56%)
Woodblock Printing and Engraving: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 178

Inventor - Biographies

Watch the following biography clips or read the information available on the website links. Choose 1 inventor to create a biographical sketch of them on farcebook. You will need to do additional searching through Gogooligan, SweetSearch, or Carrot2 for more information.

Francis Bacon

Tycho Brahe

Nicholas Copernicus


Rene Descartes


Albert Durer


Jan van Eyck


Galileo Galilei


Johannes Gutenberg


Johannes Kepler


Isaac Newton

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