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Junior High World History - The Renaissance: Geography

Coming out of the Dark Ages? Then the Renaissance is just what you are looking for! Investigate the location, artists, inventions, ideas and more that marked a major shift in World History.

Right Place, Right Time

The timing was right for the Renaissance to start in Florence. Here many peasants and nobility had gathered into business ventures amassing a great amount of wealth. They also met many individuals from other cultures opening their minds to new ideas. These ideas were readily swapped and changed in the city due to the presence of so many people, and the increased use of universities and libraries. One family in particular, the Medici, used their wealth and influence to commission great works of art and culture based on the standards of Ancient Rome and Greece. Check out the links and videos below for more information on this exciting place!

Europe at the Time of the Renaissance

Although we won't be discussing Europe in depth, please look at this map and refer back to it as needed while we discuss inventors, inventions, arts, and more

Mapping Assignment

 Blank Italy Map

  • Find the map at the front of the room.
  • Highlight the city-state where the Medici lived and ruled.
  • Color the rest of the city-states different colors
  • Label the main city/capital in each city-state.

Another Look at Florence

Italy at the Time of the Renaissance

Florence - The heart of the Renaissance, Home of the Medici's

Google Map